Bottom icemaker not working. Fridge runs great and upper icemaker in door works great. Have replaced main control board (unrelated to icemaker), 2 different icemakers, and a water valve. Icemaker won’t even turn fingers to flip out ice. I put a bit of water in the icemaker to see if it was valve or icemaker and still no ice flipped out.

Need to resolve ASAP because fridge is taking up space at store and can’t be sold until icemaker issue is sorted.

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

Water valve for icemaker, 2 different ice maker assemblies. Have also tried to replace the door control board (in left fridge door, one with icemaker and dispenser) but did not change issue.

Have replaced main board due to lack of cooling. (Original reason why I have it in my possession. Is a resale/flip project at my business.)

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Owners guide, Service diagnostics guide, Wiring diagram, Any available materials

Go to page #69 through #73 in the service diagnostic link. It give you detailed step by step instructions on how to diagnose, harvest, and test your ice maker.

  • I was able to get the icemaker to produce ice using the diagnostic test. But it won’t cycle like it should.
  • Okay, if you getting normal ice box temperatures based on page #70 in the service diagnostic guide. The ice maker internal thermistor should cycle and harvest and drop the cubes after approximately 50 minutes after the ice maker fills with water and freezes the cubes. That is if you are getting water into the ice maker and the cubes are freezing at the proper temperatures,. If that is the case you either have a defective ice maker thermistor internal inside the ice maker ( defective ice maker ) . Or you have a defective ice maker door control board that cycles the ice maker. You said you already replaced this board.
  • No, I replaced the main control board, located on the back of the fridge. Ice maker door control board? Do you mean the Fridge door with dispenser?
  • Yes, this ice maker is controlled by the (door control board ) . The door control board monitor’s the thermistor ,rake motor, feeler arm sensors, water inlet valve and other component’s of the ice maker. The dispenser board does not control the ice maker. You replaced both boards, the ice maker and ran the unit through the diagnostics mode. You say it drops ice if you run it through a test harvest cycle . I would again test your ice box temperatures, if you are not getting the proper box temperature, the ice maker thermistor will not get cold enough to send the ice maker through the harvest cycle. This could be caused by a sealed stem leak or low refrigerant charge. I am also sending this question over to another senior technician for review.

You will need to go to the (Technician Diagnostics Sheet) link below. Enter the unit into the diagnostic mode and run all diagnostic tests and make sure you look at the comment section on the right side to see what each test does. This will give you error codes to determine you issue. Also look at the service bulletin link below. If evaporator fan motor is not running at the proper speed, the ice maker will not get cold enough to go into the harvest cycle to drop the ice cubes. The (Service diagnostic guide) gives you everything on all components including wiring diagrams, its #91 pages of great information.

  • So, even if the fan wasn’t spinning at the right speed for the freezer icemaker, the rest of the fridge would work normally? Also, is it a sign that fan’s get up and go is about to get up and leave?
  • Yes, if you look at the service bulletin symptoms it can cause refrigerator and freezer cooling issues. I would start with diagnostics first for any stored error codes. Then replace the fresh food fan motor with part # WR60X29099 motor that is recommended in the service bulletin .
  • Ok, I looked over what you sent. I never found a test in the diagnostic guide that would give me error codes. All I got were tests. Also, you talked about replacing the fresh food fan but my ice maker issue is in the freezer compartment. The fridge works great, cooling wise, and same can be said of the fridge door icemaker.
  • In the tech sheet it says the bottom ice maker is controlled by the main control board. Also, check the freezer door switch. The door switch may need to be. closed on this one for the ice maker to function.
  • Test # 72 for the freezer door
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