Hi, nice website and I really like your video’s! Would you have the “tech sheet” for this model WED9470WW2? I can’t find it anywhere. My dryer is brand new, literally just delivered and yesterday I got it all ready by installing the 4 prong power cord, inlet water hoses, venting. I followed the installation guide, but when my wife attempted to press the start button after successfully powering up the dryer, the drum would not turn and the unit makes a very loud noise like the motor is trying to turn the drum, but something is preventing the drum from moving. I called Whirlpool to see if there were any shipping bolts that perhaps I forgot to remove and they said their dryers don’t have shipping bolts.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Whirlpool says they can’t send a repair tech over until Sept. 23rd to look at it. Seriously? That will be 6 weeks since we placed the order only to have it delivered and it doesn’t work, now need to wait several more weeks for repair.

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Can you reach inside and move the drum? From my experience, it sounds as if something has bound up the motor or the drum, your motor is damaged or you have the improper voltage at the outlet. I’m sorry that this has happened to you.

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