What does this part do? Does it recycle the water. I would like to know. Will it stop the dishwasher from turning the motor on if it doesn’t work?

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Let me know about the function of the diverter valve?


The diverter turns based on the cycle it is in. The diverter is controlled by the ( ERC ) electronic board in the unit. The motor diverter position sensor tells the board the location of the diverter cam. The cam is keyed and will only go onto the shaft one way. Then the main sensor will set the diverter for the unit. Hope this helps Matt Ace technician

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    • 7 years ago
    The wash motor will not start if the erc thinks the diverter is out of position, I have found the seal around the diverter that is located on the sump can leak and then the circuit board in the diverter housing gets wet and then it will not send the proper signal to the erc. Thus the washer never starts washing.
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