I bought one of your repair videos, but it did not include what the description said. I hope you can help me; my freezer is not producing ice.
I am trying to find the tech sheet for WRS965CIAM00. I replaced the emitter/receiver boards and lights did not come on (though it passes Test 15 in diagnostics). I’d like to run a diagnostic, harvest etc. (This is a link to a tech sheet on your page – but it’s to an oven tech sheet.) Thanks!

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I replaced the emitter/receiver boards. W10870822 and W10898445.

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See technician diagnostic link service manual below for your model. Also see the Service bulletin on the ( Fill tube heater ) . Matt Ace technician

  • Awesome! Thank you. I checked the service bulletin and my inlet tube seems fine (passed Test 19). I also passed Test 18 , Ice door stepper motor (cycled through 01 to 04 as noted it should) However, Test 25 is for the icemaker refill test and my icemaker valve tested OFF. Do you know what that might tell me? I have 2 problems at the moment: I don’t seem to be getting water to the icemaker (so am defrosting it to test for freezing in the line). Could that be why the valve tests closed? Also, when I pour water into the maker manually, it will make ice and drop in bucked but not come down. Fear it’s the dispenser motor – anyway to test that? (Thanks from a single mom doing her best!)
  • Yes, you have a water inlet issue. You may have a plugged saddle valve that connects to your main water line or a defective water inlet valve. See video link https://www.appliancevideo.com/ge-gsh22jsxasb-refrigerator-repair-door-does-not-dispense-water-saddle-tapping-valve/
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