Replaced inverter board and still not starting
Inverter board blinks Green two times.
Has 120 volts going into inverter board but only 78 volts to start compressor to the pins.

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Run the diagnostic test it the technician manual link below. If the compressor does not start do a winding resistance check of of the compressor Run windings with an OHM meter it should be 6.4. The start windings should also be at 6.4 with the power off. The red and white wire to the inverter should have 120volts with power on. If these checks are correct, replaced the inverter board. We find the inverter board defective 90% of the time and 10% of the time compressor defective. Go to page #17 of the Service manual for compressor specifications.

  • Getting 7.2 ac volts to the red and black wires for the inverter board?
  • Condenser fan is running?
  • You should have 120 volts between Red and white. If you have 120 there and you checked the compressor windings at 6.4 ohm replace the inverter board.
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