After disconnecting the dryer to clean the duct, I removed the front to clean the inside and cleaned the duct. Closed up unit plugged in the unit, flipped on the breaker, and powered up the unit. The dryer is powered up but will not go past the selection/timer. The start/pause is not engaging the cycle.I read in some past posts that it could be a belt or a fuse. What are my next steps?

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Checked the breaker, continuity test on the cord (had a reading from one of the hot with the ground/common.

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Hi. The first thing I would think is that something is not plugged back in after taking the front panel off and back on again. I would double check all connections and check for proper voltage to unit. If that checks good then I would test fuses next. I have attached the service manual for you which will walk you through troubleshooting and testing.

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