this is a vmw. initial problem was wouldn’t agitate or spin,motor would only hum for 1- 2seconds once or twice. I did all the test in tech sheet. the only thing out of line was in testing main control j7 -3 to j7-1 I should get +13 vdc. i’m getting 12.3 also when testing shifter i’m getting 12 vdc not +13 vdc. is this voltage difference enough to cause the problem i’m having.getting f7 e6 and f7 e5. when I turned the drive pulley I got a ratchet type sound and action.

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

replaced the spultch assembly, replaced mode shifter, put live test cord to the motor works fine both ways , cap is 45 mf. also had a motor man put live test on cap it tested good.all wires from shifter and motor to board have continuity.it will fill and drain in auto mode. in manual diagnostics most times the lid will not lock. once in a while it will. I replaced lid lock no change. my concern with the board is that I was told if the green light is on then the board is good.is that true?


The model number is not correct. Can you check it please.

  • that is the model # 11021352112. its a vertical modular top load washer. as far as I know the tech sheets are all the same.
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