i hope I’m not going to be charged twice for the same question. The control board, defrost themostat and heater have been replaced. That leaves the thermistor not thermostat!
how do you check the thermistor (located left bottom of the evaporator cover) and is there an easy way to replace it.
the tech sheet does not go into this….in fact i found the color wiring different on the model I’m working on from the tech sheet (you gave me).

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I’ve replaced the control board, heater and defrost thermostat.

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Hi. You can check the thermistor for an ohms reading. It will read different at different temps. It can be hard to test since you need to know the current temp and what resistance it should be at that temp. There is a chart that will tell you how many ohms you should have at different temps. You have replaced the entire defrost system besides the thermistor. It is the only thing left causing the unit to not defrost. I would just replaced it. It is not expensive or hard to replace. When I go out on these units for a defrost issue, I will check the heater and defrost t-stat. If they are good, it only leaves the control or thermistor. It is almost never the control so I replace the sensor. I have even seen the sensors test good and they still be the issue.

  • you did”nt help. the tech sheet told me that much…erronious readings could be taken if there was a way without splicing out the thermistor to do it. and at this point the board and thermistor are the only two that i don’t know how to directly diagnose other than heater and bimetal are ok.
  • I am not clearly understanding what you are looking for . I gave you the thermistor readings three days ago ( Hello You can check resistance with an OHM meter on the thermistor. It will read 2.7k at 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 Celsius) . You said you already replaced the board , the thermistor is the only other part that we feel would be causing your issue. You can get it for under 20 dollars, replace it.
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