I have a service call tomorrow for a refrigerator not dispensing ice. It does dispense water, icemaker is making ice the only issue customer said is not dispensing ice.

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Nothing yet , I will take a look tomorrow.

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See the service manual link below. If you have water and are not dispensing ice, you may have a defective auger motor. The auger motor is what turns the shaft in you ice bin to push the ice out. See page #46 in the service manual section 4.6 for auger motor details.

  • Thank you AV, I will take a look at it. If I have any questions I will reach out.
  • Hello, this is not the correct service manual. The auger motor for WRS588F1HZ00 is on the freezer door. The Service manual you send shows it on the back of the freezer compartment. Can you please send the correct service manual. I need it to expose the Stealth UI because the auger motor is not the issue. Thanks.
  • Hello, the service manuals are universal for several different models. That is the correct service manual for your model. It is the only manual Whirlpool makes. The diagnostics are all the same for all models and some pictures may be different. I have added the parts breakdown list along with some tips to check the auger motor. Auger motor diagnostics. 1) Check voltage at the auger motor. Make sure the voltage is 140 VDC when running the auger motor from GY/OR and BU. 2) If voltage is not present, check the connection at the bottom of the door for broken wire or connection. If the connection is good, then refer to the “FC Door Switch” section. 3) If voltage is present, replace the Auger. Check all wiring connections at the door and HV (ACU) board.
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