The door alarm was beeping intermittently as well as the display inside was going off and on. Now the display panel (inside) has gone blank but the refrigerator is still working. How do I determine whether to replace the main control board or just the one in the display? Thanks

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Took display board out(it is inside at the top) , inspected and checked all connectors. Also looked at main control board at the rear (for any burns etc) and checked all connectors are secure. Have also disconnected from wall socket and replugged in. Display doesn’t come on at all so don’t know what temperature is but fridge and freezer seem to be working ok as I hear the compressor running sometimes.

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You will need to check that the display board is getting proper voltage from the main board. You will need the tech sheet you find out what connections to test this at using a multi meter. If you are getting correct voltage to the display board you will need to replace it. If not it could be wiring or the main board.

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