Hello. I have been bombarded with fridge calls, and I dislike most “modern ” fridges. My customer has a KitchenAid fridge. The fridge works, but the display panel is out. Not lit up. She has no control of the temperatures. I did some internet research and believe that the display board is bad. Is there a way to determine so? Why is it when it comes to any board, I feel helpless? Is it a guessing game when it comes to determining gourds? Other than burn marks that are obvious.
Thanks Bob

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Hi. Attached is your tech sheet. You have the display board and then the User interface plugs into the display board. IT appears that the U.I has all the buttons and display lights on it. The problem could be either one. They call this the control box and it comes with both the U.I and display board. It is part number W10175589. you can not just get the U.I separate. You can get just the display board separate. p# 2307037. The best way to test any control board is power in and power out. WE need to make sure we are getting proper voltage to the display board first. The wiring schematic on the tech sheet does not indicate what this voltage is but it is very possible that it should get 120 Voltage. There are 3 wires on the display board. IT does not say which ones are the hot an neutral ones. The U.I board is plugged into the display board with ribbon cables. This is not shown on the tech sheet. So IF you have voltage to the board I would replace the control box. IF not, then possible wiring or main control board issue. Do the buttons still work on the U.I? If so you know there is power there and then just replace the control box. Also, first unplug the unit for 5 mins and plug back in. The unit could be glitched up and just need a reset. Let me know what you find.

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