Two and a half years old, stopped cooling suddenly back in March. No error codes. Coils clean, compressor fan worked, compressor worked (could hear), freezer fan worked – but not cooling at all. Unplugged while waiting for LG technicians for three weeks. After three weeks, I looked up at compressor, tapped compressor’s high pressure side with screwdriver handle. Plugged it back – it got proper temperature 0 F freezer / 37 F fridge in two hours. Worked fine up to beginning of September.

Symptoms now: too warm – 28 F freezer / 48 F fridge.
What would you suggest me to test?

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

Looked at coils (no dirty), looked if fans work (both do work), used halogen leak detector tester to look for leaks.

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Hi. You said you tapped the high side of the system. Did you installed a valve and recharged the system at that point? If you did, and the compressor/ fans are all running, you must have a sealed system issue. Sounds like you have a leak in the system and it leaked back down again. Did you install a U.V filter dye drier? With this installed you can find the leak with a black light and glasses. I have attached the service manual for you.

  • Hi Brian, thanks for the answer. I didn’t originally installed anything. It just started working after being turned off for three weeks. Not sure if my “tapping / knocking” on the compressor helped or not. Now, four months later, it is acting again.
  • Okay. Make sure your compressor and fans are all running. Make sure you have good airflow and at that point if everything checks good I would check your Frost pattern on the evaporators. If they are heavily frosted up you could have a defrost issue which would block your air flow. If you do not have an even Frost pattern or No frost you have a sealed system issue which could be a leak or a faulty compressor.
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