Door lock is flashing, washer won’t run in normal cycle mode. Tested and ohm out door lock is good. What do you think this problem is?

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Ohm out door lock, door lock is good. Put machine in diagnotics it will go through all washer fuctions. When you clear all codes it just won’t run and the door lock will start flashing again.


When you put the unit into diagnostics you are bypassing the door lock assembly. If you are still getting the door lock error code even after you have completed an Ohm test, I would replace the door lock. I am assuming this will correct your issue, we have see this many times. Matt Ace technician

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    • 6 years ago
    When ohm out lid switch, and I replaced with new one same thing occurs. The manuel say control board is bad. Also say there’s a led in back the control and it is red the control is bad.I haven’t replace it yet.
  • If you replaced the lid switch the control board is the next step. Are you getting any error codes ?
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