I have a 10 Year old Speed Queen dryer. I watched your video for replacing the timer a D517560 but my dryer does not have the connectors it just has the separate wires with the little clips on the end. Where do the 2 black wires from – it looks like the timer go. One goes to the T connector but I need to know where the other one terminates.

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Go to the service manual link below to page #33.
For gas models the two black wires go to (T) and (N) .
For Electric models its (T) and (M) .

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    • 6 months ago
    Also when my replacement part came for the timer it included a resister # TUM10J4K7 . Do I need this for the gas dryer or is it just for an electric dryer ?
  • It’s based on the instructions that came with your specific timer. Each timer is specific to the model & serial number when you order it. If the instructions in the timer box says you need it, then I would put it on. If there is no information telling you to add on the resistor, I would not put it on.
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