I am trying to determine what part I need to fix my dryer EFME627UTT1. Essentially, the dryer won’t start. However, it is exhibiting other strange behavior. The dryer has been in service for about two years since, 9/2019.

When I try to start the dryer, it makes three beeping noises, as it would if the door was open. The door is of course closed however. I put the dryer in diagnostic mode and it displayed an error code of ‘EHd’, flashing as ‘E’ then ‘Hd’. I do not see that code listed in the Dryer Tech Data Sheet. The dryer has a wheel to rotate through the different dry cycles. The center of a wheel has LED lights on it, indicating the time left to complete the dry cycle in minutes. When I rotate through the different dry cycles, the timer doesn’t change as it normally would. It gets stuck on particular value, once at 45 minutes, once at 55, etc. Additionally, sometimes the previous mentioned LED light doesn’t come at all when I start the dryer. However, if I put the dryer in diagnostic mode, the light will then come on and display the error code ‘EHd’ as mentioned previously.

I have taken the dryer apart to check for lint buildup, I found some, but nothing extraordinary. I am assuming its some sort of electronic problem. From some googling it seems it might be the control board, but at around $150 I’d prefer not to miss the call on the diagnoses. Thanks for the help.

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Hi, I found the service manual for this unit and it did not list the EHD error either. I run in to this issue often with this brand. I did find that the ontrol board is most likely the issue. With out the error being listed in the tech sheet or manual thats about as far as we can go. I just had an older unit do the same thing with a different error code that was not listed either. It ended up being a bad control. You could test your door switch and fuses, heater to make sure they are good. Make sure the unit is getting proper voltage. Process of elimination to get to the board. Also inspect the board for any visual burn marks or damages that would indicate it’s bad. More than likely I think you will find the board is faulty.

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    Hi, Can you explain or send information on how to test those parts. I am assuming for the door switch I am testing for continuity, and it should change with door open and closed. Same for the fuses? Regarding the proper part, I see various websites calling different part numbers the ‘control board’. I have three circuit boards in my dryer. There is one located above the drum, with several wire harnesses connected to it. The other two are located in the front of the unit, one behind the wheel that rotates between the different dry cycles. The other is connect to the previously mentioned board via a ribbon cable and sits between the various settings on the front panel. From the part website referenced on this page: I assume the control board you referenced above is part number 5304525689 or 5304521375. Does the new part indicate that they have corrected the problem, or is it more a matter of a change of supplier of the part? The other two circuit boards look like their respective part numbers are 5304521513 and 5304521447 found on page Thanks for your help.
  • 5304525689 is the main control board. That is the one to start with and is most likely the issue. The other control boards we be your user interface boards. I do not see any indication that they updated the board for this issue. You will test the door switch and fuses for continuity. Door closed will and continuity and open would have none. Fuses should all have continuity.
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