It shows an f9e2 long drain error code but pump works great and the pressure hose is OK. and the fill on a normal cycle is fine. In the spin and agitate it make a distinct slight grinding noise( not pronounced) It sounds like it could be the spin bearing. I have never seen this model. It looks like it could be a new design or a samsung.

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I ran it through the diagnostic tests for spin and agitate, and checked the rotor underneath the unit. It seem to have slight play up and down.

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See attached technician sheet and service pointers. F9E2 error is a Water Ring Fault is displayed when the system is unable to drain water from load. Detected, • Is the drain hose or the drain pump clogged? Pump Drive • Is the drain hose height greater than 8’ (2.4 m)? System Problem • Is the pressure hose connection from the tub to the main control pinched, kinked, plugged, or leaking air? • Too much detergent. • Is the pump running? If not, see TEST #7: Drain Pump, page 19 in the technician diagnostic guide link below. Matt Ace technician

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