the evaporator and condenser fans are running but the compressor will not run

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Hi. Check for power to your compressor. IF you have proper power to the compressor, then you have a faulty overload/ relay(start components) or a faulty compressor. IF you are not getting power to the compressor you could have a bad main control board. The control board is the most likely part that is causing this issue. Very common. You will usually find a burnt spot on the back side of the control board.

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    • 7 years ago
    hi i have changed the start components on the unit and the compressor will run. however 48hr have past and the unit will not freeze i did check thee Freon and it seems good. all the fans are running good what may it be?
  • If everthing is running and your not freezing anything you must have a sealed system issue. Low on refrigerant or faulty compressor. How does your frost pattern look on the evaporator?
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