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Freezer and refrigerator evaporators keep freezing up.
Unit is bottom freezer. What else should I be looking at to repair unit.

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Checked Heater in freezer 30 ohms. Replaced freezer evaporator fan as well as refrigerator damper motor. Unit froze up again after two weeks.

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Hi. Does this appear to be a defrost issue? In the diagnostic mode you should be able to turn on the defrost and see if that heater comes on. Other than the heater you will have either a sensor or a defrost termination that may have failed. Also, the control board could be faulty . I do not have access to the tech sheet at this time. I will look up some more info on your unit when I have access and get back to you.

  • I took a look at the pics you sent. It looks like the freezer evaporator does not have an even frost pattern. The bottom of the evaporator did not look frosted. If the unit was calling for cooling in the freezer at the time you took this picture of the freezer evaporator , then it would appear your unit has a sealed system issue. Either a faulty compressor or a leak in the system. Does the unit keep proper temperature? Also, they have changed the location of the defrost sensor on the fresh food evaporator. You need to move the gold evaporator sensor if it is present to the straight section of the larger suction line of the evaporator and zip tie it to secure it.
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