I have had several of these French door whirlpool brands lately that are over cooling the fresh food refrigerator side to the point of freezing. I set all possible settings to minimum or least cold. Partially covered the vent holes just to experiment. This particular model I tried to find the damper door to see if it’s closing but couldn’t find anything besides a tiny one on the side of the icemaker compartment. Please give technicians insight mostly because when I ask these questions I’m usually long ways away from the unit and onto the next job.

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Hi. I have worked on many of these and have not had this issue before on them. I did find a service point for this issue. I have attached it for you. Sounds like this is your fix you have been looking for.

  • Installed this service kit still freezes vegetables in the fresh food section. What else could it be? I’m thinking main board.
  • I would check your thermistor. Run the diagnostics. Make sure nothing is blocking air flow. If everything checks out good then you may have a faulty board
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