New bulbs burning too. Bulb outlets burned.. I’m assuming relay because the bulb outlet is just leads from the relay? Both bulbs hot because on same line. Please keep it simple

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Are the lights staying on when the doors are closed? Make sure your door switches are working to turn the lights off and make sure the doors are hitting the switches when closed to turn the lights off. The bulbs should all be 40 watt bulbs and not any higher. IF the inside of the light sockets are burnt up enough they will usually cause a poor connection and arc casing the bulb to not work or go on and off. The sockets should be changed if this is the cause but this would not cause the bulb to stay on unless there is a short somewhere. I would think board last, because the switches should still cut power to the bulbs if the relay is sticking. I have attached the tech sheet for you. With this you could check your relay if needed as well as other components.

  • Thanks Brian. The bulbs are 40w and I even tried replacing them with 8w fluorescent they got hot within a minute. Switches seem be fine.. I want to assume it was left open over night but I felt how quickly they get hot. Thanks again Brian I like your answers
  • Your welcome. If you do not find any issues I would install LED bulbs. They put off very little heat.
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