No Cool. Both the refrigerator and freezer. I have heard the compressor kick on. no error codes, temp on door says what it should be, not what it is.

what else do I need to trouble shoot?

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c78143czb00496 b
What have you tried so far?

removed inside panel. Magnet on door and the fan turns on. not frozen up. Chose FF1 setting, ice appeared, chose FD setting, heating element came on.
Cleaned both drain tubes,
Un plugged, plugged back in. worked yesterday. today not working again. same thing. temp reads what should be not the actual.

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Hi. I have attached some inverter diagnostics. Depending on the number of flashes you get from the red LED on the inverter, you will need to check some components for failure. This helps break it down.


Hi. So after you plugged it back in, were the temps were normal for a day? Did you have an even frost pattern on the evaporator when you looked at it? Or was the unit not running for long at that time? Did you have ice or water build up under your crisper drawers? This would be a sign of a clogged drain, which is very common on these units. For both sections to stop cooling together at the same time you must have something failing that controls both. This would include the compressor, sealed system, and control. When the unit stops cooling you will need to check and see what is running and not running. check your compressor and condenser fan motor. Check the evap fan motor operation again and verify you have air flow. If everything is working and running consistently and your temps are not correct you could have sealed system failure. A refrigerant leak or faulty compressor(even though it is running. IF you have a sealed system issue you will not have an even frost pattern across the evaporator. You will have a partial pattern, ball of ice, or no frost. I have attached the service manual for you.

  • Just checked circuit board compartment. Circuit board error code Startup failure Replace circuit board?
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