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I’ve got it unplugged and emptied. I have taken it apart and the fan is not frozen. Everything around the condenser and defroster is frozen over. Do I need a new defroster kit? How do I determine what is the cause?


See the service bulletin corrections. I believe this is your problem. The loop above the ice maker is not a heater, it is a refrigerant line. Do not try to remove it as it will develop a leak in the refrigerant line.

  • I got the meter. I’m not sure I’m checking the correct part on the heater. The male plug only has 1 wire in the back that plugs into the fridge. Do I place both meter sticks in that one plug? I’m a novice for sure. Thanks,
  • I just sent an email showing how i have the meter set up. I watched a video and I think it’s correct. I sent to the email to service@appliancevideo.com. Subject is: User Name: Jbeaver77. I really need to be able to upload pics for you.
  • Yoohoo!!!!! Anyone Home!!!!
  • Hello, I received the pics. You need to unplug the heater and do the continuity test. You may get a feedback resistance with it plugged in for a false reading. Unplug both sides and isolate the heater, then check the heater.
  • Hello, from your last pic it looks like you may have a starved evaporator. You may have a leak in the system not a defrost issue. The bottom half of the evaporator has no frost at all. It should have a light layer of frost and the lower half of the coil should be -5 degrees or colder. If its not you have a sealed system issue.
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