need help troubleshooting issue with samsungs refrigerator with dual zones. frige side kkep frezing and not cooling .
checked heater and by metal and they are ok. fan also since to be running but after a couple days the evap will frezze againg and it will stop working.
i have had this issue on a couple of samsung units.

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Hi. I could not find a tech sheet or service manual for this unit. Sounds like a defrost issue. IF your heater and by metal tested good, then you have a bad defrost sensor or control board. I would start with the sensor. It will likely be the issue. If you are getting ice or water on the refrigerator floor, this would be the unit is defrosting but the drain is clogged. This will also cause the evaporator to freeze up. It looks like p# DA32-00029Q is your defrost sensor.

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