Frig side isn’t cooling. The temperature control reads 36 degrees but it is 58 degrees inside frig
What is the solution to repair? .

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

Installed new evaporate fan motor.
Cleaned coils


Hello on a no cool symptom only in the refrigerator section there are a few things to check.
1) Make sure both doors are closing properly and the door seals are magneticly sealing 100% around both doors.
2) 1.Verify the evaporator fan is moving air (Note: the fans do not run with the doors open)
3) Verify the fridge Thermistor is reading between 2.4 and 2.8 volts DC at the main PCB.
4) Check the wiring harness for poor connections.
5) Access Forced Operation Mode and turn on the defrost heater. You should hear the relay(s) click when activated. Verify the 12v supply to the relays and the defrost heater(s).
6) Verify the continuity of the bimetal and/or thermal fuse in the defrost circuit.
7) Verify the Compressor Fan is dissipating heat properly.
8) Check the operation of the defrost circuit, especially the defrost sensors and bimetal elements. Verify the defrost heater is not turning off to early.
9) Check the freezer defrost sensor feedback line by measuring the voltage level at the Main PC Board (normal 6-9Vdc).
Run throgh test mode
If Power Freeze Key + Fridge Key on the front of panel are pressed simultaneously for 8 seconds, the test
mode will be activated and all displays on the front of panel will be off.
*** If any key on the front panel is pressed within 15 seconds after changing to Test Mode, it will be operate as in
the sequence below ; Manual operation (FF) → Manual defrost of R (rd) → Manual defrost of F/R (Fd) →
Cancel (Display all off).
**** If any key on the front of panel is not pressed within 15 seconds after the Test Mode, the Test Mode will be
canceled and it will be returned to previous mode.
If the test mode is canceled, power off and reactivate the refrigerator.
Matt Ace technician

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