GE microwave oven is malfunctioning. With door closed and nothing set, it hums and the magnetron is definitely putting out. Turntable doesn’t turn and interior light doesn’t come on unless I set the timer, in which case the light comes on and the turntable turns. But, when time to stop, it beeps as normal at the end of the cycle and the turntable stops and the interior light goes out but the magnetron is still on and it is still humming.

Nothing will stop it except leaving the door ajar (and the light come on with the door open) or unplugging the unit. The clock works and I can (supposedly) set the power level and the timer for timed cooking, but as I said, when time to stop, the magnetron keeps running. I tried leaving it unplugged for a half hour hoping that would reset it, but it did not.

Edited to add: Everything on the touchpad seems to work correctly, but the magnetron will not turn off unless we leave the door open or unplug the unit.

GE Over the Range Microwave oven, model DVM1850DMBB

Model Number

The issue is actually fairly common. The relay for the high voltage circuit on the main control board is bad. The relay contacts are stuck together causing this issue. You need to replace the board on the unit to repair this issue. Here is a link to the board you need, I just replaced this exact one last week for that issue at a customers house.

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