-The freezer temp seems to be about on point but the fresh food is displaying 24 and when i put my thermal gun in their it was pretty low around 15 on the walls
-I tested the upper damper and it seems to be opening and closing fine (I did not crack the fridge open to see it but put my hand over it to feel and heard it open and close from diagnostic manuals forced damper test mode)
-Checked on the lower damper near the express meat thaw drawer its closed and fan is not turned on
-Tested all the sensors with the old main board installed and the new board i had on me all sensors read “P” which means PASSED test.
-Ran every single test mode everything seemed to check out fine
-Did the forced electronic reset in the test modes, And unplugged for 5 minutes, Nothing changed.

….Running out of ideas. Its either the upper damper not fully closing, lower damper or something else maybe display panel? unlikely its the display but IDK..??
Please give me an input you guys have more experience im sure i already have all the diagnostic manuals..

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Serial Number
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Hi. Yes, you could have an issue with the damper not closing. Make sure you check to see if it opens and closes. Check to see if you have air flow when it is closed. If the damper is fine you could have an issue with the thermistor or control. Even though the thermistor passes it may be faulty. You could check its resistance according to the temperature it currently is, if you have the chart in the tech info.

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