GE front load washing machine. When you turn the machine on and hit start, it does not do anything mechanically (will not fill with water, spin, etc) but it shows the cycle counting down on the display. Pump made a noise one time but that is it. We suspect a control board but are not confident.

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Have not made any repair attempts yet.

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Have you run the unit through the service test mode ? See below or go to page #59 in the technician manual link below to see all codes. Matt Ace technician

Enter into test mode ******
Begin with the washer in idle mode (all LED’s on the display off )
2. Press the following key sequence to enter
service mode, depending on the model:
• Temp –>Delay Wash –>Temp –>Delay Wash
• Signal –>Extra Rinse –>Signal –>Delay Rinse
• Temp –>Delay Start –>Temp –>Delay Start
NOTE: The sequence must be done in order. If
there are any other button presses or buttons
pressed out of order, the sequence must be
started from the beginning. Test t01 will show in the display

Exit test mode
1) Press Power button.
NOTE: Attempting to exit the service test mode
by disconnecting the power will result in a locked

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