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Continuous Run Mode:
1. Press Wrinkle Prevent + Dry Level for 7 sec during Power On State (Normal User Mode) .
2. Once in Continuous Run Mode, display “CC” for 1 sec and the number of Cycle for 1 sec and
the remaining time for 1 sec in turns.
3. The previous cycle will restart during Continuous Run Mode until the mode is deactivated.
4. During Continuous Run Mode, press Wrinkle Prevent + Dry Level for 7 seconds to return to
normal user mode.
Service Mode
Definition of Service Mode
– Dryer must be on before Service Mode can be entered.
– Upon entry into Service Mode, the Sensor Bar Touch Data will be shown (Default Service
How to Enter:
– To enter Service Mode, press Wrinkle Prevent and Temp Keys for 3 seconds, until it sends out a
beeping sound.
– If pressing Wrinkle Prevent + Temp Keys for 3 seconds in Service mode , it will return Normal
– Even though entering Service mode, the operating cycle will not be influenced.
Sensor Bar Touch Data Mode
Definition of Sensor Bar Touch Data Mode:
– This action will put the dryer into sensor bar touch data mode
– Dryer will display Sensor Bar data. This mode is default mode of entering service mode
How to Enter:
– With Power On pressing Wrinkle Prevent and Temp Keys for 3 seconds
Cycle Count Mode
Definition of Cycle Count Mode:
– This mode is to bring up the total number of cycles that User have carried out.
How to Enter:
– To enter cycle count mode press the Wrinkle Prevent in Service Mode.
Software Version Mode
Definition of Software Version Mode:
– It is to retrieve its software version
How to Enter:
– At Service Mode, press Temp until it sends out a beeping sound
ex) In case of “U0 05”, U0 means major version “U0” 05 means minor version “05”
– If press Temp key In Software Version Mode, it will return Service Mode.
To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or death; disconnect power to dryer before
servicing, unless testing requires power.

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