My ice maker stopped making ice. Replaced the ice maker and it turns our that isn’t the problem. I have two vents..from what I read, the top vent is supposed to blow cold air from freezer into ice maker to freeze water, and the the cooler air comes back out to help keep fridge cool.. Here is the problem…the top vent is not providing cold air. It is warm…and it starting to discolor the vent area itself because of the heat. The bottom vent is not getting much cold air either. With that said…my fridge itself keeps things cold, and my freezer keeps things frozen. So I am baffled. Not sure what to do next?? Help please! …Sad GrandmaHolly

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Hello ,
You have two possibilities that will cause your issues.
1) You may have a sealed system issue. That would be a refrigerant leak or a defective compressor that is causing your evaporator not to get to the -10 degrees. You would need a technician to diagnose this issue.
2) This is a LG built unit. LG has had issues with the evaporator cover causing excessive moisture and icing around the fan motors. If that is your issue, you will need to order the evaporator cover, the freezer icemaker fan motor and the freezer evaporator fan motor and all the covers to keep the fan motors dry.

  • Thank you. I do not seem to have any icing anywhere. Do you think this is worth all the repair parts? I have already spent $100 for the replacement ice maker. Sheesh. And if I did buy the parts, is it a DIY repair?
  • No, this is not a DYI repair. I would try to send the ice maker back to where you purchased it. In most cases you can return most parts within 30 days of purchase.
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