We are working on a Kenmore (standard Whirlpool design) SXS
Model 106.57032601 with dispenser. Ice bucket is mounted on door.
Flapper door is shutting properly and sealing. Motor is working to drive cubes. 3X
in 4 months have found ice clog inside the ice chopper mechanism. We clear it and
it works great for about 2 months then plugs again. Ice looks partially fused by
melting. Auger motor then sounds stripped when clogged but works okay when
jam is cleared.
Does that auger motor sound stripped when jammed then work when not?
Do you think the flapper is sticking open and which of the flapper doors parts would be suspect?

Thanks in advance

Model Number

I have gradually learned to replace the flapper door with the new kit, even if you have to break off the old mounting tabs to install it. The one thing I noticed about the air pot in the kit is that it tends to bind up somewhat, so I notch the edges of the thin gasket on it in order for it to close more rapidly, yet not allow cubes to lodge in the chute. If it has gone on for awhile, replacing the drive shaft helps a lot.
Recently I had a unit ding similar. As the customer let it go longer, ice build up more. It did strip the bucket gear and the dispenser motor sounded like a truck.
I replaced the complete ice door kit along with the other damaged parts. So far it has been fine.
The bucket had been changed by large company and the problem recurred with in 2 months.

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