I changed the infinite switch and it did the same thing.
If I begin on low it will heat and cut off but will not come back on even after 10 minutes. If I turn it off and then back on it repeats the same cycle. It will stay on high. If I set it on 3 or 4 it does the same.
Can this be the sensor in the burner?
How does it work?
It doesn’t matter if I use the single or dual settings.

Model Number
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Hello, the sensor is part of the surface element. If you changed the correct infinite switch then the surface element with built in sensor is the only other part involved. Many infinite switches look exactly the same and are hard to determine which one is correct in the look up. If you can match up the actual part # on the original infinite switch to be sure you you have the correct one before proceeding would be preferred. We have attached the tech sheet for you as a guide as well.


See the service manual link below.

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