I bought the above at a scratch and dent sale. The interior lights only work when you first plug the unit in. The after about 5 minutes they do not turn on when the door is opened. The light work in the middle drawer and the freezer 100% of the time, just not in the refer part. If I unplug and re-plug in the unit then the refer lights work for about 5 min then nothing.

Also I am not getting water to dispense, and the ice maker is not making ice.

I had a Sears tech come out but could not help. He said it was the main board.

I just replaced the main board and am still having the light issue and water and ice making issue.
However when I hit the ice making button and then push the lever I hear the mechanics in the ice dispenser move. Where before the main board was replaced it did not make the working sound. So the board fixed something relating to the ice maker.

My question is. Is there another circuit board that I should try replacing. I noticed another circuit board below the main board, but I believe it is a power inverter board.

If I can just get the interior light to work properly and maybe get the water to dispense, I would be ok.

Your help and expertise would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Bret Feingold

Model Number
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What have you tried so far?

Replace main board. model SAMSUNG MAIN PCB ASSY DA94-02663F

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Service diagnostics guide, Wiring diagram, Parts breakdown

If you have a defective LED light , one bad light will cause multiple lights to shut off. Start unplugging each individual light until the rest of lights come on. When they stay on , replace the bad LED light. On the dispenser issue, make sure you have proper water pressure to unit and the filters are installed properly. See complete manual link for complete diagnostics below.

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    • 5 years ago
    Thank you for you fast reply. I think I need to clarify the light issue. When I unplug and then re-plug the refer into the power all the lights in every area work, refer, middle drawer and freezer. However after about 5 minutes the lights in the refer part do not come on when the door is opened, all are dark. All the lights in the middle drawer and freezer work, its just the refer lights. I did as you instructed with the lights in the refer part. I unplugged each one separately to see if the remaining came on. None came on. Do you have any other suggestions. Thank you. Bret Feingold
  • Hello, the next step would be to check the ( magnetic Reed switch ) . The complete step by step diagnostics are on page #86 in the manual link in this post. You will need a meter to check the proper voltages. If the reed switch is closing properly you will need to replaced the ( PCB ) Power Control Board.
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