Low water coming from water dispenser
This GE French door has to water valve one in the back one in the fresh food section bottom door .
I already replace the water valve in the back of the fridge but I didn’t replace the water valve on the door
What do you guys recommend me to do thank you

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What have you tried so far?

And I’m tired to test the water valve if you guys show me how to test the water valve that will be great

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There are a few possibilities that could be causing your low water pressure. Shut off the saddle valve that taps in to the main water line. That will shut off the water to the refrigerator. Remove the line at the back going it to the inlet valve, put it to a 5- gallon bucket and turn on the saddle valve. Make sure you have a steady flow of water coming through the saddle valve in to the bucket. If you do not have good pressure replace the saddle valve, see video link below. If you have good water pressure out of the saddle valve. Go up to the water filter and replace it unless you have a bypass cap , the bypass cap just bypasses the filter to see if the filter is plugged. Everyone get a bypass cap when you purchase a new unit. GE # PZS22MSKEHSS Water Filter Bypass Cap . If you do not have a bypass cap replace the filter. Still no pressure after bypass cap or filter. Then replace the second valve. You have two water valves engaged to dispense water .The isolation valve and dispenser valve are both energized at same time for water to dispenser .Also there should be a mini manual at top of fridge under the hinge cover assembly with service mode error codes and for testing the water valves . You can only turn on one valve in service mode . Hope this helps Water comes into isolation valve then goes to filter head ,then to flowmeter and water valves ,then to dispenser .

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