The fridge temp is to high. I found on the lower left side of the fridge a small block of ice, where the vent should be. I thawed out the ice turned the fridge back on, and felt no air flow ( either wat ).
The top left side vent was blowing cool air. Not a lot of air flow, but I could feel air moving.

Model Number
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

I checked the schematics on SearsPartsDrect, but couldn’t find HOW the air flows. Or anything on ducts.
WHY or what would cause the build up of ice on the lower left duct?
What can I do to remedy this problem?
Is it possible for the air vent to be blocked?


Hi. IT sounds like you still have frost build up blocking your air flow. You could have a defrost issue if your evaporator is clogged with frost. If the evaporator is clear you could have frost in the supply or return air ducts. You would need to thaw them out with a steamer or shut the unit off for 24 hours with the doors open. The evaporator fan pulls air from the evaporator up through the damper over to the refrigerator side. The damper is located at the top left corner of the refrigerator. This is where the air from the freezer comes in. Then the air returns to the freezer through the return air duct that you will find on the left wall of the refrigerator near the bottom. In the freezer this duct is on the right side at the bottom next to the evaporator. Frost in the air ducts can build up if you have warm air entering the unit. Check your door seals. IF the house is humid and the doors are opened frequently frost can occur as well. Also, check the water tank behind the crisper drawers in the refrigerator. The water lines go through the line to the outside of the unit. Make sure this is sealed. Add some silicone to be sure there are no air gaps. I could not find any info or manuals on this unit except for the user manual that I attached.

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