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I was unable to match your model # that you gave 100%….so I went with the closest thring I could find for a reference. (You may want to double check the model # for accuracy).
Noises are the most difficult to diagnose for you over a message board…because I can’t hear it and what you describe as a whistle noise may be described differently by me or anyone else…lol
As far as noise issues with the model I looked up…this machine makes a lot of different noises/sounds than your traditional machine….and most of those are normal noises.
Often times, the drain pump can make a “gurgling” noise when it is running and there is no water left to drain out….this is a normal noise. I have seen some of the cam kits wear out prematurely, but they typically make a “grinding” noise when they fail. The gearcase can make many different noises if it fails.
Unfortunately, these are all “best guesses” in an attempt to help you troubleshoot. If you could reply with more specifics (the cycle the unit is it when it makes the noise…filling with water, agitation, spin etc. Also, double check the model # so I can be sure that we are both talking about the same model), hopefully I can assist you further!


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