The refrigerator is sweating alot of water on the ice bin and the entire assembly there is cooling but it has alot of water why is doing that what part it needs to be replaced there

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haven’t changed any part just checked the ice fan but its running ok

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Look at the service bulletin link below. This issue could have various causes.
* The freezer to refrigerator door alignment needs to be adjusted.
• The freezer basket is not installed correctly, causing the door not to close completely.
• The door gasket is not sealing properly. It may be ripped, replaced or need adjustments.
* If no issues are noted with these checks, or if frost/ice formation persists following the checks, order and install the appropriate service kit. Installation instructions are included with the kit.
For Grey interiors, order Service Kit W10864519.
For White interiors, order Service Kit W10864518

See the complete service manual link below.

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