Looking for a list of diagnostic codes for my GE fridge.
Not sure my freezer heater works and want to run a test. And also test the thermistors.
So need tech sheet or service manual for my specific fridge.

Model Number
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

You did not have actual videos on my fridge but I saw one similar.
Tried the diagnostic codes for that fridge. Not sure if they are the same for my fridge because freezer heater did not come on (ff one did).

Request Resource Materials
Service diagnostics guide, Wiring diagram, Parts manual, Parts breakdown, Service bulletins, Service pointers, Videos

See link below to the training manual link. All error / fault cades are on page #6 .

  • Thank you for the training manual. Is this the only manual you have for this GE model? Could also use a list of what the error codes are that are spitting out. Thanks!
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