I am troubleshooting a no LED light issue on this unit, All the LEDs work except the 5 on the roof of the refrigerator. The schematic shows that the 5 fridge roof LED’s are divided into 2 series circuits, 3 in one series and 2 in the other going back to the LED Driver board for the DC source. Both of these strings are not working, I have diagnosed that the LED Driver board is partially defective .

The problem is, it is not shown in any service literature, ANYWHERE. The visual shows it is located next to the control board along with the power supply, The only part shown in the exploded diagram is the Control board itself, Whirlpool W11161172. If you do a parts list search for LED Driver, it does not generate any hits. I am at a loss, I have check multiple sources including the Factory SM with no luck.

I need the part number for the LED Driver Board! Why is it not shown or listed anywhere? I wasted 2 hours looking!!!

Thanks 🙂
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Model Number
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What have you tried so far?

I replaced all 5 of the LED Modules on the roof of the Fridge ! No voltage is going to them

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Wiring diagram, Parts manual, Parts breakdown, Service bulletins, Service pointers, Any available materials

See answer update and video link.


Under parts list link page #5 Part # W10843353 Assembly, LED Light Module. Part #W10847853 Switch, Light .
W10843846 Harness, LED Wire
(Includes LED lights)

  • If you read my original post, I replaced the LED Modules and did my troubleshooting, You never answered a simple question, What is the part number of the LED driver board? It is the boards that supplies the voltages to the various LED modules. If you do not have the answer.
  • Hello, you are asking us to give you a part number for a LED DRIVER. It does not exist on the parts breakdown. You could have a HV board that could be causing your issues part # W11224256 . The HV board P-10 to P10-2 should have 20 volts DC. The LED lights modules are all wired in series, if one fails all of the lights is series turn off. You should get 3-4 volts DC across each light. IMPORTANT any of the LED light connectors are plugged in backwards, they will not work. Go to page #62 for more detailed diagnostics in the lights diagnostic link below. We have provided you with the parts breakdown list in the link below, also the service manual and troubleshooting LED lighting diagnostics guide. The parts breakdown link gives you every part the is manufactured on your refrigerator. Pick the part you need off of the parts breakdown list and we can give you the part number. If your not sure what you need , i suggest to call a factory certified technician to diagnose your issue.
  • Again, one more time. I am humble and teachable. I do not need any diagnostic help in this instance. I am a certified Electronic Technician and a Factory ASC for some appliance brands, As I said all LEDs are working in both compartments with the exception of the 5 on the roof of the refrigerator. I know how to check and popularize light emitting diodes,. W11224256 is the main board, there is a sub LED driver board that supplies the 2 series circuits on the fridge 5 roof LEDs, Please take the time to look on page 6-20 of the service manual you sent, there is a sub LED driver board, THIS IS THE ISSUE! It is not shown in the exploded diagram or the parts list, Too bad I can not attach the pdf, PAGE 6-20 look!
  • “polarize light emitting diodes” , not popularize, LOL
  • If that is the issue it is not very common. I cannot find a part number breakdown for that board. You call call the parts department at 1-800-830-5465 to see if they can find it on their parts breakdown.

Are your freezer lights working ? If they are not you may have a freezer led board causing the refrigerator lights not to come on. This is a very common issue, check your freezer lights. See Lights diagnostics guide link below go to page #58 to #63 , this will walk you through the step by step diagnostics to determine what part you need.

  • I said in my original post, all other light;s are working, including the freezer, I need thr part number for the LED Driver, read my original post please,
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