My sister has the same bottom freezer refrigerator, purchased 2 yrs later, as mine. Mine developed a problem with defrosting water onto the floor. It needed to have a rubber grommet replaced by a drain tube. Does her newer model also need this upgrade?
(It has not leaked onto the floor as yet, but it is only lightly used so that could be why.)

Thank you!

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HI Carole. If the serial number of your refrigerator is Prior to K333… it has the old style duck bill drain. If your serial number is after K333 it should have the new p-trap style drain tube installed already from the factory. You can always be sure by taking the back panel of the unit off and looking to see which one is install on the refrigerator. Whirlpool does cover this repair of installing the new drain tube up to two years from the purchase date of unit. I hope this was helpful!

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