On diagnostic test all good . High spin as well. But during the cycle no high spin. Sometimes stuck too long on 13 min to end

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Drain is clean and water pumps out fast.

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Hi. I have seen this many times before. It sounds like the washer is detecting an off balance load. It will attempt to spin but then comes to a stop once it sees an unbalanced load and starts to tumble. After that it will attempt to spin again and repeat. The time will get stuck or not count down. Then all of a sudden it will drop from around 12 mins remaining to 0 and the cycle will complete without going through a high speed spin. Diagnostics will work fine and if you run the unit with no clothes in it, it will usually work just fine. This can be from improper loading, loads that are too small, or too large, or strange loads such as bedding, rugs, pillow, curtains, or even a lot of towels. Also, check that the basket is not loose and that the bearings are not going bad(bad bearings are loud in spin). Check your shocks. Make sure they are not broken or worn. Make sure your suspension springs are good and that the counterweights are in good condition and secure. I have attached the tech sheet for you. Check to see if you have any stored error codes as well.

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