No power on display. Checked power coming in at the bottom of dishwasher terminal and there is 120 volts coming in. I’m thinking it’s the board but I want to make sure since I can’t find any service manual for this model. Thanks.

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Checked power coming in and there is.

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Hi. I have attached the tech sheet for you. Check to see if you have 120V to the control board. If so and the unit will not light up or do anything you most likely have a faulty control board. You could also have a faulty User interface.

  • Thank you. Btw, can you tell me how to get to the control board. This is little different than older dishwashers with screws at the side and top.
  • The control board on this one is at the bottom. Take the toe panel off to get underneath the unit and then there will be 2 screws for the bracket that the control sits in.
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