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This unit is only about three years old and in a RV. I knew I should have walked but they sounded like nice people and they are a couple of snow birds from Michigan! Nice folks.
Compliant: Press the start button..nothing. checked all the oblivious things but I cannot get voltage to the timer or start button. Checked the fuses, voltages coming in! Small area to work in. Any ideas??

All ideas greatly appreciate!

Thank you,

Barney’s Appliance
Palm Bay, FL

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

Tested all thermostats. Power to dryer. Not that easy to dissemble.


Hi. The next things I would checks are the door switch and belt switch. Also, there is a household type fuse at the back of the dryer near the terminal block it looks like. It’s part number WE1M1002. Have you checked this fuse as well? I wish I could tell you exactly what is wrong with this one, but at this point is could be multiple things. Sorry to hear it is in such a tight space. Let me know if you need any further help.

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    • 7 years ago
    Hi Brian, I started from the receptacle and worked toward the timer on the L1 line. I quickly found the fuse was not properly fitted in the fuse holder. Put it back in properly and all is well. But it was a tight fit for an old man! Thank you for the support! Jan, Barney’s Appliance Palm Bay, FL
  • Awesome! Glad it was a quick find and fix! Sorry it was such a tight space.
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