Could a faulty UI cause the main control board to short circuit and fry?

My technician replaced a faulty control board and pressed the start button to go into service mode – the board was immediately fried, only after pressing the start function.

I’m reaching out on this one because I’ve already lost two control boards for this repair. 🙁

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My technician replaced the lid lock which had originally opened after installing the control board.

My technician checked all wiring and found nothing disconnected, broken, or touching metal. He checked the motor for continuity. Tested all other components for proper resistance.

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Hi. We have found the drain pumps to be taking out the board on these units. Ran into the same thing multiple times . Put a board on and instantly fried it. One actually had a flame. Check the drain pump. It should be around 12-14 ohms I believe. The bad ones I’ve tested were reading at about 1 ohm.

  • Thank you, Brian! Right on the money – bad drain pump reading 1.6 ohms. We appreciate the help!!
  • Great, glad we could help. Have a nice day….
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