Goes into rinse cycle then immediately to drain- does not actually go through the rinse cycle.Not getting dishes clean

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Does drain but checked pump anyway which was fine.Machine appears to run through cycle fine and shut off. No error codes.

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Go to page #25 in the technician manual link below to get the diagnostics and fix for your issue. Matt Ace technician

  • The wash motor and pump are working fine. The machine fills to rinse and then drains right away. The motor is still working without water in it. No water in the actual rinse cycle.
  • Does it drain pump actually run when it drains? If not you might have a siphon issue. make sure your drain hose is elevated and that is getting in air brake. The unit could be detecting an error code which would cause it to drain but then it would shut off and should display an error. It wouldn’t keep running.
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