Replaced new compressor heat exchanger tubing and new evaporator and new filter.Charged 7.00oz and still not cooling low side is -20 psi and high side is 77 psi.compressor pull1.2 amp

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I like to know is low charge or restrictions

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Hi. According to your pressures you have a leak/ low on charge. You have low suction pressure(in a vacuum) and low high side pressure. Your Amp draw is good. Usually with a leak you will see less than 1 amp but this is not a reliable indicator. I have attached the tech sheet for you. It shows the pressures you should have at different temps. Roughly you should be around 4 psi on the low side and 120 psi high side. I show this is a R134A system. Does it say this unit takes 7oz of R-134A refrigerant on the model sticker?

  • I will trying one more time i will text you for an hour
  • When you turn the unit off, see if the pressures equalize with in 15 mins. Low and height side should equalize.
  • I got it high pressure line after filter was plug.i will never use again Stay brite#8 onlyone place i used after filter..when i changed new line 20 inc and brazing with siver 15 i got pressure 0 psi and high side 105 psi evaporators start frost patern..
  • Thanks for help
  • Glad you got it! Weird pressures for a restriction, but it sounds like it’s good to go now.
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