Not cooling well at first. Customer moved the food and noticed that later unit began to cool better, it began to cool better without ever unplugging the unit. I asked if she heard any noises or humming that she had not heard before and she did not. The only thing she noticed was that water was leaking on the floor beneath the freezer door. She also noticed a sheet of ice on the bottom mount freezer floor. Sounds like it could be defrost issues and possibly a clogged drain in the freezer.
This is what I would like to know from you:

1) How to disassemble the unit to access the Bi metal defrost, damper and evap fan, bottom mount door removal etc. Have you folks posted a video on how to disassemble this unit? If so how can see it.

2) I downloaded the tech sheet from the Frigidaire website and in several places it refers to “See Service Manual for complete description.”. Can you please send me, NOT THE TECH SHEET, but the service manual that they reference on the tech sheet.

3) Any observations you have about the unit.

Model Number
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

just got the call

Request Resource Materials
Service diagnostics guide, Service bulletins, Any available materials

See the technician service manual link below. There are many possibilities for a partial no cool. I would look at the evaporator coil to see if you have an even frost pattern across the coil. You should be getting zero to +5 degrees in the freezer section and +38 to +44 degrees in the fresh food section. This is the only information available on this model we have in our database. Matt Ace technician

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