This is a side by side with the ice maker in the freezer door. I can press the reset and it will go through a cycle and fill( but only 4 of the chambers) and will not dispence it. I turned on the quick freeze and it didn’t help after 24 hours still no ice. The refrigerator and freezer temperatures are good. I need a service manual with ice maker information .

Have you ran into this problem before and what does it sound like is the issue? This is a unit that you have to purchase the icemaker and auger assembly.

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If its only filling 4- chambers of the ice maker you have low or restricted water pressure. You ice maker should have all chambers full with 1/2 of water minimum. See the Service Diagnostic manual and service bulletin link below. Matt Ace technician

  • Is there a tech sheet for this refrigerator? The Repair diagnostic s doesn’t have the icemaker sensor chart and the schematic.
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