This dryer is not coming on . I have test power and it is 240 on L1 and L2 but when i test on L1 to neutral i get 120 with is good but when i test L2 to N i am get 240 but only when dryer is plug up to wall plug . Test at wall plug is fine 240 L1 to L2 and 110 for L1 to N and L2 to N 110
This is crazy it has a new main board installed .

What do you thank mite be the cause that is keeping the dryer for working

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Hi. That is strange that the voltage is showing 240 from L2 to N only when the dryer is plugged in. Check your power at the terminal block as well. Maybe it’s burnt up there. You most likely have an electrical issue in the house and it only shows when the circuit is under a load. ( plugged in). I have seen this before, but the issue could also be something shorted with in the dryer that is not causing the breaker to trip. Be careful as the cabinet may have voltage if this is the case and you could get shocked. You could check for continuity from each leg of the power cord to ground (with the unit unplugged). You should not have continuity from either leg to ground.if you do you have a short somewhere in the dryer. First thing I would look at is the element. If the element shorted out, it most likely caused one of the fuses to blow and thats why it won’t start.

  • Ok i will check that tomorrow when get back onsite .
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