The spark ignitor clicks and the bake burner comes on but the spark ignitor continues to spark for about 20 seconds
then the burner and spark ignitor stops. Then it retires every 1 to 2 minutes

What is the issue here?
In the diagnostic mode it showed F6E0.
This is a communication problem.
I tested the harness between the interface and the control. It was good.
I unplugged the unit and cleared the code but the BAKE still does the same thing.
In your experience what is causing this?
The ground is hooked up.

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F6E0 Error
1. Unplug range or disconnect power.
2. Confirm continuity of wiring between HMI-Central/UI board Control Panel Assembly and ACU.
3. If continuity has been confirmed, reassemble all parts andpanels before operating and plug in range or reconnect power.
4. If the error reappears, open door and check if light is on.
5. Unplug range or disconnect from power.
6. If light was off, replace ACU.
If light was on, replace HMI-Central/UI board Control Panel Assembly.
7. Reassemble all parts and panels before operating.
8. Plug in range or reconnect power. Repeat steps 4 and 5.
9. Verify operation is normal. Enter the Diagnostics mode, select “Error Diagnostics,” and clear the history. If the control Panel Assembly was replaced, there is no need to clear the error .

  • I already did these tests but that couldn’t cause the spark ignitor issue could it?
  • Is the light this refers to the oven or another?
  • The oven light
  • I already did these tests but that couldn’t cause the spark ignitor issue could it
  • Not sure if the communication error would cause the sparking. Usually the issue would be with the DSI board which I show one on the wiring schematic but I can only find 1 control board on the parts break down. Maybe there is just one main board that has the DSI built in. Then this could be the faulty part. Make sure the unit is properly grounded. Test the gas valve.
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