Refrigerator side coils look good and clean when I was there refrigerator side was about 60° customer said this is been going on for two weeks I’m thinking just to shotgun it and replace main board and refrigerator temp sensor. TECHNICIAN OPINION AND DIAGNOSTIC PAPERS PLEASE.

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Hi. I have attached the service manual for you. I also attached a premium refrigerator link that will have our repair videos as well as manuals and other information on a similar unit. Did you have an even frost pattern on the fresh food evaporator? Good air flow? Make sure the fan is working properly. Check your temperature sensors. Run the diagnostics and see if you have any error codes.

  • No error codes. Fans work in full function mode. Coils evenly frosted. Small ice formation near the top seems like it was possibly clogged before. Temp sensors didn’t test.
  • I would start by replacing the defrost sensor.
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